Anonymous asked:

Am I the only one who found episode 6 a bit disappointing? Like I felt like it wasn't as good as the rest of series 3?

Hmm… anonymously saying it was bad eh?

But yeah, not sure what everyone else thought but I didn’t find it as funny as the others, in fact I thought that the characters were portrayed a bit strange in some parts. I did enjoy it though, although my favourite episodes were ‘The Fox’ and ‘TheĀ Anniversary’.

Anonymous asked:

Are you sad the series is over? Do you think they'll make more? I think that if they didn't, the last scene with them all together would make a nice ending, but I want more!!!!

Sad the series is over, it did go very quickly.

No word from anyone on a series 4 and Robert Popper recently replied to someone on Twitter saying it is not his decision - so perhaps he wants to get another series commissioned but hasn’t had a response yet.

I would imagine that there will be a series 4, since episode 4 of series 3 received the highest viewing figures for comedy on Channel 4 - showing it is a popular show.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait two years like we did for this one!